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Charting Publicly-Traded Securities

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

A great many resources exist for accessing information about securities that are publicly-traded. These securities can range from corporate equity to government debt to commodities futures. In general, if there is a public market, then a chart can be developed to track various aspects of a security.

Charting allows one to technically analyze different patterns in the security’s value and to attempt to predict what future patterns-and valuation-may occur. This is useful for everything from, for example, personal investment analysis and research to corporate due diligence and industry analysis for potential merger candidates.

Quite a number of charts allow you to customize parameters that include timeline, volume, comparison to competitors or benchmark indices, stock splits, dividend payouts, and the addition of various technical indicators.

Some useful websites that offer free charting, among other information, include:

* Finviz – This site offers a wealth of information, including a heatmap of the daily performance of individual equities and market sectors.

* BigCharts – Big Charts is one of the major charting engines and allows for easy customization.

* ClearStation – ClearStation is another site that provides a lot of information.

* StockCharts – StockCharts allows for a great deal of customization.

* Yahoo Finance – This very popular investment site has simple interactive charting options.

* Google Finance – Google has developed an interactive chart that allows you to drag the chart to quickly change time lines.

* MSN Money – These charts are easy-to-use and have good, simple explanations on changing chart parameters.

* – This is another easy-to-use chart.

* Ask Research – Ask Research also allows for detailed customization of parameters.